Corporate leaders break from summit to volunteer in community


DSC_0092Humana Inc., a leading health and well-being company, hosted a Humana Leader Summit in Dallas on July 9. During the summit, 240 Humana associates from 19 states took a break from their work sessions to help three Dallas charities – AIDS Arms, Resource Center Dallas and the YWCA.

“Humana is based out of Louisville, Ky. Dallas is home to our second largest population of associates,” said Felicia Williams, a program manager for Humana. “In Dallas today, we have 500 leaders attending our meeting. About half of those leaders are volunteering to do things for the community.

“We’re assembling healthy snack packs for the AIDS Arms program and Dallas Resource Center. We are also making blankets for newborns for the YWCA. It’s a lot of fun.”

During the summer, Humana is hosting five of these leadership summits: three in Louisville, one in Dallas and one in Miami.

“We’re converging on these communities,” Williams said. “So instead of just sitting in a room, listening and learning, which is great, because we need that; but let’s do something. We are in these communities so let’s do something to serve.

“Dallas became a large region for Humana because we acquired a Concentra and LifeSynch. It really just helped us grow the community

“We have a really big goal around volunteerism. It is one thing that is really important to folks in all of our markets, but especially in Dallas we have such a large concentration of employees.”

The afternoon’s volunteer activities took about an hour and a half.

“We want to show people how easy it is to fit something like this into your workday,” Williams said. “We want to demonstrate that our employees can do something like this once a week or once a month or whatever the right time is. We want to lead by example and show them they can include things that are easy to do into the workday and have a big impact on the community.”

More than 360 volunteer hours were dedicated to the community by Humana volunteers attending the summit in a single afternoon. Humana has set a corporate goal to more than double its volunteer participation over the next three years to improve health in the communities it serves.

“I think this activity is so wonderful,” said Katie Carr, a clinical manager for LifeSynch. “I get so wrapped up in my own life, working and taking care of my family that I forget about volunteering and how it just uplifts me and inspires me. After coming here today, I know I’m going to look for volunteer opportunities in our community.

“Part of being at Humana is focusing on health and well-being. This activity fits into our whole summit. The gets us off to a really great start and sets the groundwork for a couple of days of being inspired and getting connected with why we do what we do every day.”

Humana’s subsidiaries include RightSource, Concentra, LifeSynch and Availity, LLC.
Some information provided by Humana.