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Quality Education Cannot Be Commoditized


Texas’s educational system might be ranked as the 11th best in the country, but it’s in the upper echelon of a country whose public schools are mediocre in comparison with the rest of the

Recent Reports Show Why U.S. Now Leads the Global Wind Energy Industry


If an economist had been asked, five years ago, what sort of industry competition the U.S. might be having with China, the phrase “wind energy” probably wouldn’t have even been a contending answer. But

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Solid Waste Workers Jeopardized by Improper Disposal of Sharp Medical Waste


Greentree Solid Waste Authority employees from Lincoln County, New Mexico have been put in jeopardy after “sharp” medical wastes were illegally dumped in blue cardboard recycling containers, consequently contaminating a recent cardboard recycling truck

Home Depot Volunteers Help Texas Veteran Improve House


A group of volunteers from Home Depot celebrated Veterans Day this year by helping a local veteran to improve his home on San Antonio’s northwest side. John Hyland was severely injured in an IED explosion

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Keeping the Pests Off the Patio: Lit Cigarettes No More Welcome Than Bugs on Restaurant Patios


Eating outdoors is a pleasant, popular way to dine, but it does come with its own set of risks. The obvious culprits are inclement weather and bothersome bugs. But restaurant owners take care of

Texas Governor’s Race Rocked by Attack Ad Featuring a Wheelchair That Sparked a National Debate


Midterm elections will take place across the United States next month, which means that candidates are in the last stretch of their campaigns — which is usually when things start to get ugly. This

‘Don’t Mess With Me,’ Cadillac President Tells American Public, After Company’s Relocation to NYC Is Announced


After General Motors appointed Johan de Nysschen to be chief of Global Cadillac, and announced that GM-owned luxury brand Cadillac would become a separate corporate entity, the division between the two brands became even

Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Even Pockets


With the arrival of the highly anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, tech junkies quickly fell in love with the newer, shinier, and bigger version of Apple’s latest smartphone. Aside from critics saying

Dallas Urgent Care Center Has Ebola Scare


Concern over a possible ebola epidemic in the U.S. went from nonexistent to headline-grabbing almost immediately, after administrators at the Texas Heath Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas officially stated that a patient was diagnosed

Texas State Comptroller Wants to End Subsidies for Wind Industry


Texas wind power has its detractors, and they are now claiming that the tax breaks given to the wind industry should be ended. The office of Texas State Comptroller Susan Combs has released a report