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Irving considers bike-friendly transportation plan

Bicycle enthusiasts and elected officials are meeting this weekend in hopes of spurring Irving to becoming a more bicycle friendly city.

“Biking and walking is important for so many reasons, including public health, quality of life, and mobility for our growing population, including the aging tsunami we are facing,” said Leslie Luciano, Bike Texas community relations and membership coordinator. “The economic benefits of walkable/livable complete streets are attractive to corporations, and attract corporations whose workforce wants to live in this type of community with these amenities. Leaders need to get behind it so they don’t get behind and lose these opportunities.”

Irving already boasts a handful of bicycle lanes and a trail system for recreational biking, but community leaders, including the Bike Irving initiative, have long pushed for safe cycling in the City.

“Irving needs to support policies that will help grow their communities into healthy and prosperous living communities,” Luciano said. “Bonds for these types of projects have been passing with over 60 percent overwhelming public support. The public wants this and they have demonstrated it with their votes”

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