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Irving teachers to participate in academy

Irving ISD teachers have been invited to participate in the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers’ Academy. This marks Irving’s seventh year of participation.

Ten math and/or science teachers, grades 3-5, will join this year’s Academy cohort. The event includes an all expenses paid trip to Houston’s Woodlands Resort June 16-21 where teachers will experience a week of outstanding professional development. This year’s speakers and guests include Cathy Seeley, Calvin Mackie, Bill Robertson and Page Keeley. The week is designed so that science is the content driver, and mathematics is the tool for learning the science. The week’s content will include:

Science concepts — Motion and Forces, Action/Reaction, Newton’s Second and Third Laws.

The mathematics topics are chosen because they support the science content — graphing on a coordinate plane, linear growth, measurement, estimation, and data collection.

Irving’s ten 2013 participating teachers are:

Victor Villegas, T.J. Lee 5th grade Bilingual

James Tiggeman, Gilbert 4th grade

Megan Barker, Schulze 4th grade

Devin Melancon, Stipes 5th grade GT

Mahjabeen Hasan, Townley, 5th grade GT

Dustin Miller, Townsell, 4th grade

Sally Hernandez, Johnston 4th grade Bilingual

Julianne Hughes, Lively 4th grade

Katerine Castillo, Keyes, 5th grade GT Bilingual

Rolando Negron, Brandenburg 4th grade Bilingual.

Source: Irving ISD