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PGA star Rickie Fowler wins Red Bull’s Dallas Off Course competition

Your mother would think it was a bad idea to hit golf balls at a 10 foot green wedged between two glass office buildings, but that’s exactly what PGA stars Colt Knost and Rickie Fowler did May 22 at Victory Park. 

The friendly competition was organized by Red Bull as part of their ongoing Off Course series, a competition where stars from the PGA Tour make trick shots in urban obstacle courses. Previous contests in the series took place in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Augusta and Los Angeles.

“It’s still competitive, even playing against one of your buddies. I don’t want to let Colt win, but it’s tough, trying not to hit glass, trying not to hit people, but once you get out there it’s all about trying to hit the pin, you forget about the buildings,” Fowler said.

The tee was set in three different locations for the competition, and the goal was to see who could get closest to the pin in one shot. The golfers started off with a relatively easy 80-yard shot from the foot of the stairs, with the green set up near the entrance to American Airlines Center.

Later, they moved across the street for a round of 115-yard shots before ascending to the top of a 3-story parking garage for the final round. The last shots were taken from a distance of over 140 yards, with the pin obscured by the corner of an office building.

For most of the competition Knost seemed to have the upper hand, with most of his shots landing on or just near the green while Fowler’s balls flew into the audience (audience members were allowed to keep them as souvenirs). In the final round, both shot balls haphazardly, which pleased many of the fans. But Fowler’s 6th shot was right on the mark, landing on the back of the green before rolling to within 30 inches of the pin, earning him the Off Course championship jacket.

“There were a couple from the garage that were really wild,” Fowler said. “It took a couple of shots to zero in on the green, but even then with the wind there were a couple that came in a little hot.”