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Police Report 5.7.13

Possession of Alcoholic Beverage in Motor Vehicle

April 21, 12:55 p.m.

Conducting traffic control at Terminal E an officer saw a motorist driving with an open alcoholic beverage container between his inter thighs. The driver stopped his van on the crosswalk at the location and said he was trying to locate Gate E32. The officer saw in plain view from the passenger that he was in possession of a 24 ounce can of Bud Ice while operating the vehicle. The officer asked him to park his van in the second lane of traffic from the curb.

When the officer approached, he saw the man empting the can of beer in the roadway. The officer told him he was stopped because he was in possession of an alcoholic beverage while operating his vehicle. Two small boys were seated in the back. The officer escorted the driver to the curb where he sat on a bench. The driver was wearing a large jacket and agreed to a pat down, but no weapons were found. The man had no warrants, but he was unable to provide proof of insurance for the vehicle, and the vehicle registration had expired. The driver was cited for the open container, Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility and No Insurance. He said he had just opened the can of beer and that he was at the airport to pick up his girlfriend.

The officer conducted the Standardized Field Sobriety Test which which returned negative results of intoxication. The driver agreed to let the officer search his van. Officers removed the boys from the van and sat them with the driver on the bench. The van was negative for contraband. A female arrived and said the driver was at the airport to pick her up. She agreed to drive the vehicle. Her license was verified and the vehicle was released to her. The driver was allowed to leave but was charged with Possession of Alcoholic Beverage in Motor Vehicle.


Simple Assault

April 23, 2:12 p.m.

An officer went to a valet stand at Terminal B to check on a reported assault that had just occurred between a DFW Airport Valet and a TGI Friday’s employee. The valet driver said a TGI Friday’s employee parked his vehicle in one of the marked DFW Airport Valet parking spots. When he told him he could not park there, he said the subject became rude and said he was not going to move his car. The subject exited his vehicle and walked toward the terminal.

The subject returned to his vehicle a few minutes later, because he forgot his SIDA Badge, and again the valet driver told him he needed to move his vehicle. Again the individual refused and went back into the terminal area. The valet driver said he was in the process of taking a picture of the vehicle to document the incident for his supervisor when the subject again returned to his vehicle. This time the subject did move his vehicle, and as he did, the rear of his vehicle made contact with the valet driver’s left leg as he was trying to write down the vehicle’s information and standing at the rear of the parked vehicle. The valet driver said the subject’s car made contact with his left leg twice as he was trying to get out of the way. The vehicle’s left rear tire ran over the tip of his left foot. The valet driver said he did feel some pain to his big toe but not enough to require EMS treatment. He described the T.G.I. Friday’s employee’s car, physical appearance, and partial plate information. A witness knew the man and gave the officer his name and work schedule.

Since the subject in the vehicle knowingly caused physical contact with another, knowing that this contact would be considered as offensive, an offense report for Simple Assault Class C misdemeanor was generated.


Weapons Prohibited

April 28, 6:53 a.m.

Officers arrived at Terminal A, TSA Security Checkpoint A35 in reference to a Signal Four alarm. TSA representatives said there appeared to be a firearm in a passenger’s bag which was in the X-ray machine. Officers verified the image, located the owner of the bag and arrested him.


Suspicious Person/Warrants

April 28, 10:48 a.m.

Officers investigated a suspicious person at 1W North Employee parking. A male subject was trying to get into a truck with a crowbar. The man said a friend of his had locked her keys in her vehicle and asked him to try and unlock it for her, so he used a crow bar to get in. He said he had contacted her, and she was on her way to the parking lot to verify he had permission to enter her vehicle. A check revealed he had two warrants out of Irving for Driving While License Invalid totaling $965.50. He was placed under arrest for the warrants.


Public Intoxication

April 30, 6:13 p.m.

Two passengers were involved in a physical fight aboard a flight which arrived at Terminal A. One suspect involved was arrested for Public Intoxication, and the other was released at the scene.

It was reported by the FAA Tower that soldiers were holding one of the suspects down. When police officers arrived, the victim was in a seat in first class. He had a medium amount of blood around his mouth and nose area. He was escorted to the jet bridge where officers talked to him.

The suspect in the assault was taken to the gate area. The suspect said that while the plane was landing, he was having a conversation with a witness about their next flight. He said the victim who was sitting in the aisle seat directly across from him kept interrupting the conversation and was using foul language. The suspect said the victim was extremely intoxicated and would not stop cursing and bothering him. When the victim called him a “fat f**ker,” the suspect said he had enough and backhanded the victim in the face with his right hand. After striking him, the suspect remained in his seat even after the victim removed his seat belt and jumped on top of him trying to hit him. The suspect was unsure if he had been hit but declined prosecution for the attempt as well as EMS to look at his right hand. (No injury observed). The officer saw the victim’s blood on the suspect’s face and shirt while speaking with him. After the victim jumped on top of the suspect, a witness and a few other soldiers pulled him off and held him down until the plane arrived at the gate.

FBI was contacted since the incident took place aboard an aircraft in flight, but they declined to pursue assault charges against the suspect and allowed him to travel to his next destination. The victim was arrested for Public Intoxication.


Public Intoxication

April 30, 6:36 p.m.

Police officers went to Terminal B, Gate 34 in reference to an intoxicated person on an incoming flight. Reportedly, the person had caused some kind of a disturbance onboard the aircraft, and the flight crew wanted police to be at the gate when they arrived.

They said that while the aircraft was in flight, the person staggered to the front of the aircraft where he met with a flight attendant. The flight attendant said the passenger said he wanted off the aircraft. When the flight attendant told him to return to his seat, he became hostile. Another passenger sitting close to the front heard the commotion and stood up and forced the man to the rear of the aircraft. He was placed in the lavatory for the safety of the crew and remaining passengers. The man told officers he was exiting the aircraft. The man appeared somewhat unsteady on his feet, his eyes were glassy, and he smelled of an alcoholic beverage. An officer asked him what happened on the flight, and the man said he was not sure. He freely admitted he probably had too much to drink and may have said the wrong thing. He was just looking for the restroom. His words were slurred, especially when he said, “I’m not a turtleist.”

The FBI said the incident did not meet the criteria for federal prosecution. The man was arrested for Public Intoxication.