TSA Week in Review: 25 Firearms discovered this week

Firearms Discovered This Week – of the 25 firearms, 21 were loaded and six had rounds chambered.

.45 Caliber Pistol and four 4 Magazines Concealed in Cassette Deck – It’s permissible to travel with firearms and ammunition in checked baggage as long as the proper guidelines are followed. Pro-tip: Concealing your firearm in a cassette deck isn’t one of the proper guidelines.

Stun Guns – Nine stun guns were discovered this week in carry-on bags around the nation. Four were discovered at Denver (DEN), two at Sacramento (SMF), and the others at Lincoln (LNK), Phoenix (PHX), and Wichita (ICT).

Items in the Strangest Places – Two hairbrush daggers were discovered this week at Kahului (OGG) and Phoenix (PHX). These daggers might come in handy if you find yourself in a “tangle”, but there’s no need to bring them into the cabin of an aircraft.

Source: The TSA Blog – http://blog.tsa.gov

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