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Youth Target Foundation receives grants from Dallas Safari Club

The Youth Target Foundation (YTF) recently received $24,000 in grants from the Dallas Safari Club for the purchase of shotguns and targets to support the middle school and high school shooting teams. The shotguns will be used as rentals during practices, competitions, clinics and other training for the nearly 200 youth who are members of the Youth Target Foundation.

“This grant will be extremely beneficial to the teams. Good equipment is essential to a successful program. We’ll be able to purchase enough shotguns to not only support the current teams, but also be able to expand next year,” said Jeanie Almond, founder and President of the Youth Target Foundation. “The interest in joining the youth shooting teams is growing exponentially. We had 20 youth last year, nearly 200 this year and already have more than 5 teams in line for 2014.”

The Youth Target Foundation was founded in 2007. Its mission is to promote the traditions of target sports. YTF was created so that no child will ever be turned away from shooting sports due to not being able to afford it.

For more information, visit www.youthtargetfoundation.org or email shellee@lipstickandlead.com.

Source: Youth Target Foundation