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Police Report 7.2

Public Intoxication
June 19, 4:55 p.m.
Officers were dispatched to Terminal E satellite building gate 27 in regard to an intoxicated person onboard a flight arriving from Las Vegas, NV. The plane had not landed. A male passenger on the plane was intoxicated and disrupting other passengers. After the plane landed, officers boarded the plane to remove the disruptive passenger who appeared confused and disoriented as officers escorted him off the plane. He had difficulty standing and did not remember which overhead bin his bag was in. He had glassy, bloodshot and dilated eyes, slurred speech, swayed while he stood still, and smelled of alcohol. He said he drank “a lot of drinks while in Las Vegas” that morning and “a lot of drinks on the plane.” He said all he had to eat that day was one apple. He did not know the day of the week. Going up the jet bridge, he stumbled four times and ran into the wall. He said he didn’t remember what happened on the plane. Officers told him that witnesses claimed he had brushed and harassed passengers. He appeared surprised and said he did not remember what happened on the flight. He said he was taking medications but could not remember their names. He was too intoxicated to carry on a simple conversation and kept forgetting things he had previously told officers. He was uncooperative when emergency medical services tried to examine him. One witness said the man had more than six vodka cranberries on board the plane, was belligerent with other passengers and flight crew, and was touching several passengers. Other witnesses corroborated. The man was arrested for Public Intoxication. FBI was contacted and decided no federal charges would be filed.

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