Professional women learn about modern business styles

MPACT Financial Group gathered a group of 30 professional women at Scott Lemaster Salon in Las Colinas on July 11 for a dual purpose: to support and network with other business women and to learn about looking our best for work on a tight schedule.
The stylists taught participants hair styles that are most commonly seen for working women on TV and in magazines. Guests were shown new devices for creating wavy hair, contraptions to create the perfect bun, and the secrets of the professional pony tail. Everyone had a great time learning the latest trends and mingling over wine and snacks.
When asked why they initiated this event, Raegan Arrington stated,
“Working women seem to be some of the busiest people,” Raegan Arrington, MPACT’s Director of Business Development, said. “We at MPACT make a conscious effort to bring these women together around an area of interest with no agenda beyond personal and professional inspiration.”
Source: MPACT