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Dallas again votes to deny gas drilling near Campion Trails

DALLAS — A push for gas drilling wells on the Luna Vista Golf Course failed again on Aug. 28 as Dallas City Council members voted to deny approval for a permit for the drilling.

The request has come to Dallas City leaders, including the City Plan Commission, before, but hasn’t earned enough votes for approval.
The Council, after hearing nearly an hour of public comment both for and against the request, voted 9-6 to approve the permit. The request needed 12 votes to pass.
The Council voted on three different proposed locations for the wells, including the golf course site, and denied them all.
Although Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlins said he didn’t think the proposed locations were the right place for the gas wells, he voted to approve the contract because of the possibility of a lawsuit.
“We have a contract,” Rawlins said. “Not only do we have a contract but many of our citizens have a contract. We have done everything correctly and done it by the book. There is a chance that by voting no we could cost the city of Dallas millions of dollars in legal and other expenses.”
The company requesting the specific use permit is Trinity East Energy, LLC. The company wants to extract natural gas from 3.8 acres of land just west of Luna Road and near Campion Trail. The proposed area is undeveloped.
“I encourage you to not listen to all the controversy but take a look 30 miles to the west,” Tom Blanton, CEO of Trinity East, said. “We have a prime example of what can be done in Arlington and Forth Worth … I understand how to drill with green processes.
“We can indeed drill safely and be good neighbors,” he said.
But residents and Irving officials have questioned the safety and disturbances the wells could cause in the area.
“I’m very concerned because we put millions into Campion Trails,” Irving council member Rose Cannaday said at the meeting. “We’ve got million dollar homes, and your citizens and mine travel that trail and enjoy that quality of life. It’s just not the right thing for that area.”