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Texans voted Tuesday to approve all nine proposed constitutional amendments — one of which will create a $2 billion rainy day fund to finance water projects in the state.

Proposition 6 is meant to help curb the impacts of drought in the state for the next 50 years. Now approved, the Texas Water Development Board will control the financing of water projects

“Small businesses, manufacturers, the energy industry, the conservation community, farmers and ranchers, agriculture, all came together very, very strongly,” said House Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio), speaking at an Austin watch party.

“The people of Texas today validated our good work with an overwhelming vote of support,” He added.

In Dallas County, between 62,000 and 68,000 people cast a vote in the proposition elections.

Other amendments approved included:

1: Authorizing the legislature to give property tax exemptions to the spouses of veterans.

2: Eliminates state requirement to have the obsolete State Medical Education Board and State Medical Education Fund.

3: Extending the tax exemption period for storing aircraft parts in Texas.

4: Authorizing the legislature to give some property tax exemptions for residences donated to partially disabled veterans or their spouses.

5: Authorizing reverse mortgage loans.

7: Giving home-rule municipalities the ability to choose how to fill city council vacancies if those posts have less than 12 months in the term.

8: Repealing a constitutional provision that allowed a hospital district to be created in Hidalgo County.

9: Letting the State Commission on Judicial Conduct expand disciplinary actions against a judge or justice after a formal hearing.