Chapel News 1.22

By Bishop “DD” Hayes
Restoring Relationships

This year I am reaching out to people to assist them in working on restoring and mending relationships. Relationships become fragile when the parties involved refuse to use communication that is sensitive, honest, and open and refuse to tender an apology when hurt is involved.

Holding grudges, dwelling on things without trying to work them out, anger and lack of honest communication will shatter a relationship. Worse, it ends up causing unnecessary pain and anger for the one ruminating on some remark or action often not meant to hurt, often taken out of context.

The steps to stronger relationships are simple to remember, but not always easy to carry out.

Three Steps to Restoring Relationships:

Open and Honest Communication. Open lines to talk must be established first.

Second Step is Caring. Do you care enough to confront with love?

Working at the relationship is the third step and this step involves commitment.

I want to encourage all who read this to make up your mind to work on and improve your relationships in 2014! My prayers are with you all.

“I’ll see you in the terminals!”

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