Winfree pledges to stop texting while driving

Winfree Texting_Web

This January, students at Winfree Academy took an oath to no longer text and drive. In front of their peers and teachers, each student signed a document promising that they would not risk the lives of themselves or others, and the signed pledges were placed on display as a constant reminder of students’ commitment.

Like most public high schools that serve the DFW area, Winfree is filled with first year drivers, and the Student Council wanted to make sure that all of the new student drivers understood the dangers of texting and driving.

Car accidents account for 43 percent of all deaths among teenagers in the United States, and texting while driving is a huge contributor to this number. Not only that, but the economic cost of teen driving accidents exceeds $41 billion dollars every year. In Texas, fatalities are higher than average, exceeding the 500 mark every year, according to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

Winfree’s staff and students are using presentations, videos and other resources from Teens in the Driver Seat peer-to peer safety program as the foundation of their activities during January. Similar initiatives have been proven to reduce texting while driving, as well as the number of teen driving accidents in the U.S. So for the remainder of the month, posters will be placed all over the campus, and presentations will be made during assemblies.

Last year Winfree’s Grand Prairie campus used materials from IT CAN WAIT, another popular program, and the whole campaign was very successful. The Irving campus is striving to make their campaign even better.

“As long as the number of deaths is greater than zero, we will keep looking for solutions to end teen deaths in car accidents”, said Emily Keating, Winfree Academy’s Irving Principal.

SOURCE Winfree Academy Charter Schools