Council shows gratitude for 30 years of service

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne made a very special proclamation at the regular city council meeting Thursday evening.

“Ten years ago I never thought I’d be up here about to read this proclamation,” Van Duyne said.

The mayor was speaking about a proclamation that showed the city’s gratitude for the nearly 30 years of service Steve McCullough, current interim city manager, provided to Irving.

“Drawing on his talents and extensive experience, Steve has shouldered this responsibility with a calm, caring and determined leadership,” Van Duyne said. “Steve has steered the organization and its staff though a time of change. He’s piloted critical projects and has prepared the organization for its next leadership chapter.”

Van Duyne was referring to McCullough handing over the city manager reins to Chris Hillman on August 3.

Twelve of the 30 years McCullough spent working for the city were as city manager, which is what prompted the city to turn to him 10 months ago to act as interim city manager until a new candidate could be vetted.

“The city of Irving desires to recognize Steve McCullough for the positive impact he has made, once again, on our community,” Van Duyne said.
After much applause and a few photos, McCullough took a moment to address those in attendance including soon-to-be city manager Hillman.

“I was proud to have worked for the city for 30 years. I was honored. I was touched when I was asked to come and serve again,” McCollough said. “It was my privilege, because I’m proud of this city.

“I love the employees of this city. I think that they are the best in the business and the opportunities here to provide a service to the public is what I wanted to do.

“Some people think that those who aspire to be city manager are just absolutely nuts, and Chris, I can now say that to you, and my wife would probably say the same thing, but being here in Irving has been good to our family.

“Our two children were born and raised here. We were able to do a lot of good things as a family and my opportunity to serve the people of Irving was just truly a privilege.

“I’m proud of what’s been done and I hope that the council and employees and the citizens are, at least, satisfied that I have kept the car in between the ditches and I haven’t run it off into the ditch.”

“Thank you so much it’s been truly an honor and a privilege,” McCollough said.