Win, Loss, Win at home sparks fire in Texas Wild

tx wild 1The Texas Wild tennis team put on a nail-biting performance July 11 as they barely scraped by with a 22-21 win against the Philadelphia Freedoms.
The evening started out rough for the Wild with a 5-3 loss for Anable Garrigues and Aisam Qureshi in mixed doubles against Liezel Huber and Marcel Melo of the Freedoms.

Alex Bogomolov Jr., brought the Wild fan’s back to their feet during the men’s singles match as he battled against Frank Danevic of the Freedoms for a 5-4 win.

In women’s doubles Darija Jurak and Garrigues kept the winning momentum going, and the audience on the edge of their seats, as they took it tied to match point before winning 5-4 against Huber and Taylor Townsend of the Freedoms. A tired Garrigues tried for a win in the women’s singles against Townsend, but lost out 5-3 in the end.

During the men’s doubles match, Bogomolov and Qureshi tied the game up against the Freedoms’ Dancevic and Melo with a 5-3 win that pushed the game into a super tie breaker match.

The men of the Wild and Freedoms were locked in a race to be the first to score seven points, but the Wild was to pumped to let the Freedoms take the win as the Wild boys – “Q” and “Bogy” – trounced the fatigued Freedoms 7-1.

After defeating the San Diego Aviators in sunny California 20-19 July 10, the Wild had a second bout with the Aviators Sunday evening here at home where they lost to the high-flying team 21-18.

Despite a strong lead against the Aviators of 10-6 after both mixed doubles and women’s doubles a mid-game substitution cost the Wild their hefty lead during men’s singles. During the match between Somdev Devvarman of the Aviators and Alex Bogomolov Jr. of the Wild, Bogomolov became fatigued and Aisam Qureshi was called in to finish the match. Qureshi, having been out since the mixed doubles match at the beginning of the evening, was unable to find his footing fast enough to recover the win, ending the match in a 5-3 defeat for the Wild.

The Aviators having closed the gap between themselves and the Wild to 13-11, quickly pounced on the opportunity to take the lead going into the women’s doubles.

Anabel Garrigues of the Wild, faced off against Daniela Hantuchova of the Aviators, but couldn’t seem to get in the groove, ending in a 5-1 defeat for the Wild and the Aviator’s stealing the lead.

Qureshi and Bogomolov of the Wild, came back strong, but a little too late in the final men’s double match-up of the night, nearly pulling off a Wild win, but falling just short with a 5-4 decision for the Aviators which ended the night with a 21-18 win for the San Diego Aviators.

The Wild duked it out with the Springfield Lazers with a knockout final score of 22-13 for a Wild win Tuesday night.

The night started off with a 5-2 Wild win in mixed doubles with Jurak and Qureshi against the Lasers’ Olga Govortsova and Ross Hutchins.

Garrigues and Jurak kept the momentum for the evening by winning out 5-3 Raquel Kops-Jones and Govortsova of the Lasers.

Although Bogomolov lost to Michael Russell of the Lasers 5-2 during the men’s singles match, it seemed to spark some lightning in Bogomolov as he and Qureshi came back in the final match of the evening, men’s doubles for a 5-2 win over Hutchins and Russell of the Lasers.

Just before the boys closed out the overall win for the Wild, Garrigues nearly pulled a shutout against Govortsova of the Lasers with a 5-1 win.