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Council approves alcohol sales variance for Big State

As many may remember, there was an outpouring of opposition against the council granting a zoning variance allowing alcohol sales for the Texas Musician’s Museum, scheduled to open next year.

So during the Irving City Council meeting Nov. 13, it came as a bit of a shock to some – including owners Rick and Susan Fairless – that the same request made by Big State Fountain Grill went over without a hitch.

Not a single individual stood to speak against the request, leaving the decision solely to council, which voted quickly and without comment to approve the business’ request to sell alcohol in the Heritage District in an 8-1 vote.

In fact, several members of the community responded to the original notice of a potential zoning change by letter in favor of the request being approved.

“If we allow alcohol sales, more businesses will be interested in moving downtown,” Irving resident Kelly Warms wrote on the reply form.

Aside from Warms’ response, four other letters were received in favor of the request.
Only one Heritage District entity responded in opposition via letter.

“Much has been advertised about [Big State] being a 50s fountain/grill for family, etc.,” a letter from the Baptist Benevolent Ministries of Irving stated. “Fifties fountains/grills did not serve alcohol.

“We are concerned about the element this facility, or future ones, may bring given a change.

“This location is also in close proximity to local churches and within a mile of a local AA chapter.”

If all goes well with the TABC licensing, south Irving residents may be able to have a beer with their burger earlier than expected in the heart of Irving.