Woman Renting Home in Spring, TX, Finds Pipe Bombs in Her Garage

Triple Garage on a HouseA Spring, TX, woman called Harris County deputies after finding four possible pipe bombs in her garage on Saturday, Dec. 6.

Although no residents in the 17000 block of Edenwalk had to leave their homes, deputies did ask residents to stay indoors as they investigated the devices.

The woman, who was not identified, called the authorities because she didn’t know what the devices were but thought they looked suspicious. She is currently renting the property in the Memorial Chase subdivision and had been cleaning out the garage when she found the pipe bombs in a bucket.

The deputies called in the Harris County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad, who used robots to deactivate the pipe bombs and assisted the Klein Fire Department in disposing them.

The home and parts of the street were closed off for almost seven hours during the investigation.

One neighbor told the local news station that she could hear the firefighters yell “Fire in the hole” before the bombs let out a “little pop.”

Authorities did not release any information about how the pipe bombs may have wound up in the garage, but Texans are still urged to keep their homes and garages secured.

Open and unsecured garage doors are responsible for as many as 50% of all residential burglaries, which is how at least one of three burglaries were committed this past weekend in Allen.

Allen Police are looking for suspects involved in three home invasions that also took place on Saturday between 7:45 and 9 p.m.

The suspects broke into the homes, bound family members with duct tape and held them at gunpoint while the others searched for jewelry, cash and valuables.

But unlike the appearance of the pipe bombs in Spring, police in Allen said the burglary suspects are less of a mystery.

Victims in all three homes reported that the suspects were three heavyset males wearing ski masks, gloves and long sleeve shirts, and although the police won’t discuss evidence, they said the suspects were “sloppy” in covering their tracks.

And garages aren’t the only thing to keep secured this season: the Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles warns vehicle owners to store their belongings safely or take them out of their vehicles, especially when home or out shopping.