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Kidz BOP Kids perform for Coppell elementary students

Photo: Over 500 Austin Elementary School students watch the Kidz BOP Kids perform a mini-concert on Friday, Feb. 27. / Photo by Nick Kammerer 

The famous KIDZ BOP Kids made a special stop at Austin Elementary School in Coppell for a mini-concert performance on Thursday, Feb. 27. Over 500 elementary students danced and sang along with the talented performers: Ashlynn Chong (13), Bredia Santoro (13), Grant Knoche (12) and Matt Martinez (11).

The exciting show was hosted in partnership with GoNoodle, a free interactive classroom resource that promotes physical activity through interactive videos and games. A few of the GoNoodle videos feature the KIDZ BOP Kids.

“When we were in the room and we could hear them [chanting], ‘Kidz-BOP, Kidz-BOP,’ we got so excited,” Martinez said about the elementary school performance. “Last year, we had a tour called ‘Dream Mixing Loud’ and we practiced for exactly six weeks. This tour, we’ve also practiced six weeks, and it’s really fun. Each of us pushes each other. This year, we’re performing at Disney Land. I’m really excited for that one. ”

The Coppell concert was scheduled just a few days before the start of the KIDZ BOP Kids’ ‘Make Some Noise’ national tour, which began at the Dallas House of Blues on Sunday, March 1. This is the second year of touring for the four Kidz BOP performers.

Knoche, who is from Frisco, shared his excitement about the Dallas stop.

“We have lots of friends and family that get to come to the show. I’m super excited to get to see them. It’s really cool,” Knoche said.

The 2015 tour will stop in more than 40 major U.S. cities. Grant Knoche’s father, Shawn Knoche, discussed the touring life from a parent’s perspective.

“It’s a great opportunity for the kids. There’s really no other opportunity like this to get the [kids] training,” Shawn said. “They’re all completely inspired by music, and Kidz BOP gives them the training and the schooling. It just builds their confidence, even the traveling and the experiences they have outside of performing.

“We will be driving from one location to another, through the mountains and seeing things that you normally wouldn’t be able to experience. It’s invaluable,” he said.

Chong, who is currently in a book reading competition with her cousin, explained how the performers began their career with Kidz BOP.

“We [all] first started when they had a nationwide casting call in 2013,” she said. “We all auditioned along with thousands of other kids, and they sent twelve of us to Dallas to train and to do our final audition. At the end of the summer, they picked us.

“Last year, my favorite stop was either the California tour or Radio City Music Hall.”

The Kidz BOP Kids follow a 6-day a week practice schedule while balancing home school. At the mini-concert, the young performers discussed their shared musical influences, which included Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, among others. In addition, they shared their plans for their life after Kidz BOP.

“I like Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson,” Knoche said. “They’re all incredible people. I want to be a solo artist and go around and perform for the people and share tons of music with them.”

“I think Bruno Mars is an outstanding performer,” Chong said. “I want to write songs for myself and other people. I want to compose music.”

Santoro added, “I never thought I would be doing this type of stuff. I always wanted to perform, and I always wanted to do something in the performing industry, but Kidz BOP has given me the chance to actually do it. I think composing music would be pretty cool. I’ve written a few songs. I want to be able to do everything in the performing industry.”

Finally, the performers offered advice to other kids and students.

“Just go for it. If you like a certain artist then go for that style and [mix] in your own creativity,” Martinez said.

“Always take an opportunity to learn,” Chong said. “All you can really do in life is learn. Know what you can and do something with that information. Do something great with it.”

The Kidz BOP Kids have been named Billboard Magazine’s “#1 Kids’ Artists”for the fifth consecutive year. In 2014, Kidz BOP released the “#1 Kids’ Album,” Kidz BOP 25, and outsold some of the year’s biggest artists, including Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea, according to KIDZ BOP.