Letter to the Editor


This morning for the first time I visited the so called South Irving Library. What a disappointment, we had a very well stocked genealogy department where I had researched for over 20 Years and it was eliminated because the head of our library thinks everything is on the internet. She has never done any genealogy and she told us in a meeting that if we wanted to research, we could go to Dallas or Ft. Worth.

As for the internet, the library is supposed to have the library edition of Ancestry.com. I find there are 3 computers designated as “genealogy”. Two of them have “Not available” on the screen and the other one says Ancestry is not accessible.

Our genealogy society donated a lot of books to the library that have just disappeared. My impression was it was more a child’s entertainment center than a library. Why so many places to sit? Do they expect people to come there to read a book instead of checking it out to take home and read?  My family has paid taxes in Irving since 1903 and I sure question our so called leaders in some of their decisions. Yes I vote. The city has hired 3 people to study the feasibility of a museum. One of the locations considered is the Central Library Building. The reason they gave for building the new building was it was too expensive to update that building for a library. Would it be any cheaper to renovate it for a museum? All of the locations considered are in “south Irving” which is food for thought. There was no mention where the money would come from for this endeavor.

I don’t believe the city will go for a museum the size and scope of what was suggested in that meeting.

Disgruntled citizen,

Evelyn McClure