Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Doctor Burkett is our veterinarian from the Buena Vista Clinic of Irving.

When we moved to Texas and bought our first house, we promise Adriana, our daughter, a dog. We got Patches from the SPCA in Dallas. Then we found Dr Burkett. Afterwards all of our fur kids were treated by him.

We knew that he was very special. When I lost my dear beagle, Nikki, I was inconsolable. With his help, we did everything possible for Nikki. I was there almost every day. That is when I found out about his kindness towards our fur kids. Every time I was sitting in his office, I learned about all the great things he did for his clients and the community. In gratitude, I nominated him for the High Spirited Citizen Award, the highest award for a volunteer in the City of Irving. After a few months, the Board of Directors of the Convention Business and Visitors Bureau accepted the nomination.
I asked our Mayor if I could bring Snoopy to surprise Dr Michael and the council members. Our dear Jacqueline Madden, the Park Recreation Special Activity supervisor, was our Snoopy. She not only lent me the costume, but jumped in to help be Snoopy when the designated Snoopy couldn’t arrive in time for the presentation.

Maria da Gloria Seppy