Open letter to the editor

An open letter to anyone wanting to move into South Irving –

Normally land is cheaper in south Irving, and your real estate agent knows how to guide you. As he or she drives you around, you will notice yards that need mowing. If you’re inclined to let your grass grow too tall, where you now live, you will feel at home here in south Irving. If you believe in letting voluntary trees dominate your backyard, come on. The same goes with seven foot tall weeds. Speaking of grass, you may notice a lot of being blown out into the street. You may want to do the same. Even though we think there is an ordinance against it, you wouldn’t believe it as you drive past a house on a particular day, and see yard crews with blowers, directing the debris into the street.

If you have four children and all of you have vehicles, you may be inclined to park in the front lawn. There is a city ordinance against such, but city code enforcement officers are reactive instead of proactive, and you can probably get away with it for a week or two, until a neighbor complains.

There are many other things you may notice, which will make you feel at home, even before you move here, such as parking too close to fire hydrants; having garage sales every week; leaving Christmas lights up year-round; putting out construction materials for regular trash pickup; putting out regular trash two days early, etc. etc. etc.

Robert Mayo
George Stevenson

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