Lakeview Man Protests Divorce by Sleeping Outside of His Own Million-Dollar Home

Gavel Divorce Paper Decree FrontOne wealthy Texas man is giving new meaning to being put in the “doghouse” by his wife. In fact, an actual doghouse would be an improvement over his current living conditions.

According to the New York Daily News, 69-year-old Lakeview resident and millionaire Sharafat Khan is sleeping in the yard of his posh seaside home after his estranged wife kicked him out of the house.

Khan says he refuses to leave the property as a form of protest against claims of spousal abuse that his wife has made against him, which is the reason she banished him from their home.

“People will know, the neighbors and everything else. Everybody will ask her, put her down, let her know what you’re doing to your husband,” Khan told local news affiliate KHOU-TV.

Neighbors have been leaving food for the man out of sympathy, but his soon-to-be ex-wife is blatantly expressing her displeasure with their charity. She went as far as to hang a sign on the front door of the home.

“If you want to feed him, take him to your house. If you want to, you can keep him at your house. Thanks for your sympathy,” the sign reads.

There is a divorce filed in the U.S. every 13 seconds, but few can rival the drama that has engulfed the Khans’ marital issues. Their son, Zain Khan, is now getting involved, taking to social media to explain his parents’ quarrel.

“I have made every attempt to help him out and find him a place, but he is determined not to leave stating, ‘I will make her life miserable,'” the son wrote in a Facebook comment.

While one may assume that millionaire divorces would happen at a higher rate than that of the average couple, they’re actually notably less common. According to the Foundation for Economic Education, millionaire couples have less than one-third the divorce rate of their poorer counterparts.

In this case, however, the internal problems between the two spouses were too serious to ignore. Zain Khan accused his father of repeatedly abusing his mother, in addition to lying about a previous marriage.

Civil records show a protective order requested by Khan’s wife in 2014 and divorce papers filed in June of this year. Police are legally unable to remove him from the property because he is listed as a co-owner of the home.

Zain Khan says his father has refused all offers to stay in a hotel or apartment, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for this bizarre ordeal.

“We are ashamed that my father has caused all this problem and hate toward my mom,” the son added.