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Marissa Meyer greets Lunar Chronicles fans at South Irving Library

Hundreds of fans gathered at the South Irving Library to meet Marissa Meyer, author of the popular series The Lunar Chronicles, on Feb. 6. During the event, Meyer promoted her new book, Stars Above, a collection of short stories set in the Lunar Chronicles universe. She signed and personalized copies of her books for fans.

This was Meyer’s third visit to Irving, and she was “very excited to be back.” Irving was the first town Meyer visited where her appearance attracted over two hundred people. This time, the number of fans wishing to attend the event violated the library’s fire codes. A large crowd of people were required to stand outside the conference room in order to hear the presentation. When Meyer arrived, the crowd greeted her with the song “Deep in the Heart of Texas” (specifically, the line about “the stars at night.”)

Of course, the main focus of Meyer’s presentation was the Stars Above collection, which features nine stories in total, four of which were originally written to promote other books in the Lunar Chronicles series. Apparently, Meyer originally planned to write only one additional story for the collection, but she reportedly found that she simply had too many ideas she wanted to use.

“As a writer—and I think with a lot of writers with a novel or series of novels—when you’re doing that world-building and you’re creating these characters, there’s a lot of information that you think of or discover about your characters,” Meyer said. “I had a lot of ideas of things that happened in the pasts of my characters, but these things don’t always make it into the actual novel. I have lived with this world and these characters for more than seven years, and I love these characters so much. I started debating, ‘Which of these characters am I going to write about this time?’ I couldn’t fathom the idea of leaving anybody out, so I wrote stories about all of them.”

After talking about her book for a while, Meyer read the original version of The Little Mermaid for the audience. While she admitted to not really caring for the story, she credited the story for starting her fascination with fairy tales, which are a key inspiration for The Lunar Chronicles, which provides a new take on several old fairy tales in a futuristic setting.

“The first movie I saw in theatres was The Little Mermaid, and I loved it so passionately,” Meyer said. “My grandmother gave me a book of fairy tales, and the first story was ‘The Little Mermaid,’ which turned out to be a mistake on my grandmother’s part, because it was a very different story from the one Disney gave us. I read it, and I was a little devastated, but then it also made me curious to know, ‘What else is Disney not telling me?’”

Afterwards, Meyer held a question and answer session. Many of the fans’ questions revolved around Meyer’s writing process and where she gets most of her ideas. After that, there was a raffle where an advance copy of Heartless, Meyer’s first stand-alone novel, which will officially be released in November of this year, was given away to one lucky fan.

Meyer advised that aspiring young writers should “slow down, and take your time. Enjoy the process and the point in your life where you are an aspiring writer. It is so easy to think that all you want is to be published, all you want is your name on that cover. It can be hard to step back from that and just focus on this writing, this story, and enjoying the craft and the art of storytelling. That’s why we’re doing it in the first place.”