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2016 City Elections: Letters to the editor


Code enforcement was on the mind of many at the SIPOA forum on March 15.  One council candidate’s response to a citizen having a problem was very forthright by recommending he contact his district’s council person.  As I reflected on this suggestion, a song from the ‘80s came to mind.  So apologies to Ray Parker, Jr., the man who wrote and scored the theme to “Ghostbusters.”

“If the grass is tall in your neighbor’s yard,

Whadda you call this guy?  Code buster!

To ignore the blight is just too hard,

Who you gonna call?  City council!

I ain’t afraid of no threats,

I ain’t afraid of no threats,

If his car’s on blocks and it’s leaking oil,

Whadda you call this guy?  Code buster!

If his broken fence, just makes you boil,

Who you gonna call?  City council!

I ain’t afraid of no threats,

I ain’t afraid of no threats,

Who you gonna call?  City council!

Go ahead, pick up the phone, and call City council!”

P.S.  I am supporting John Danish, Allan Meagher, and Kyle Taylor.  I hope you do, too!

-Mike Gregory

It is very important to have strong leadership on the city council.  Strong leaders get things done.  Strong leaders stick to the issues, don’t engage in personal attacks, and push forward for the benefit of the city.  John Danish is such a leader and it is important to re-elect him in District One.  He has been in the forefront of new development in District One, and in moving forward with improvements Downtown.  He has pushed to renovate the City’s golf course that had fallen into disrepair and the council is now moving forward on its repair.  He has strongly supported the Historical Museum and now it has been approved.  John has earned our vote.  Please vote for John Danish.  Election Day is May 7, but early voting takes place until May 3.


-M/M Gilbert Ornelaz


Elect Anthony Hill

To the Editor,

On May 7th, I will be voting to re-elect Anthony Hill for CISD School Board, Place 3.  I first met Anthony Hill about 5 years ago through school events at Austin Elementary.  He is extremely involved on all campuses in our district and I continued to be inspired by his involvement throughout my term as PTO President at Austin.  As my children became involved at CMSE and now as one graduates CHS this year, I have been pleased to see Mr. Hill continue to be very active and interested in all programs at each and every Coppell campus.

His passion and his commitment to the students and district of Coppell is evident in all he does.  I have seen first hand the significance Mr. Hill has made in improving our district.  When making decisions, he researches and asks the right questions to determine what is the best course of action for our district and more importantly, our children.

Please join me in re-electing Anthony Hill.  There is not a better, more informed, passionate candidate for CISD School Board, Place 3.

Kristi Scates,

Coppell Resident