Music Factory progress

Photo: Two cranes now reside at the site of the Music Factory in order to begin construction on the multi-story building and parking garage. /Photo by Courtney Ouellette

Irving residents can see some evidence of the building evolution of the long-awaited Music Factory entertainment center located next the Irving Convention Center as two cranes were moved to the building site on Friday, June 10.

The cranes will be used to build the venue’s tallest structure, a four-story office building, which will sit atop a six-level parking garage. Foundation for the structure has already been completed, including 300 underground concrete piers.

“We’re going to have a collection of entertainment shopping and a gathering-type atmosphere,” said Dan Mortimer, General Superintendent for Skanska USA. “The Irving Music Factory is a collection of eight or nine buildings that will be retail, office, parking, restaurants, a movie house and an amphitheater.”

Mortimer believes the Music Factory will make a great addition to the existing venues in Las Colinas.

“It’s very complementary of what they’re doing here,” Mortimer said. “It will probably bring a new angle to this part of town. Really what’s pretty exciting is knowing what’s going to be going on in the buildings here. It’s really going to be something pretty exceptional.

“What’s special about today is, we are going vertical. We have a crane going up in the air. We’ll have a second one going up. It’s kind of a stake in the ground for us after planning and working and scheduling and meeting with people. It’s a big deal when we can start putting something tangible in the air to show people that were actually going forward,” he said. “You’re starting to see things come up out of the ground, which creates curiosity.”

The heavy amounts of rain north Texas has received in the past weeks created less than desirable working conditions for construction crews.

“The last few weeks have been pretty tough, but we always have things up our sleeves to keep on track; working longer hours, working weekends and just make up time wherever we possibly can to hit our dates. We’re saying about mid ’17 is when this is going to be functional and open to the public,” Mortimer said.

“It’s going to really, enhance the lives of a lot of people,” he said. “It’s exciting.”

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