Student saves dad’s life

Photo: Following her heroic act, Angelique Francis expresses her gratitude for training provided by Ronny Potts, her Homeland Security instructor. /Courtesy photo

During the spring semester, the Homeland Security students at Singley Academy receive training for First Aid and CPR in order to be able to respond to a variety of medical emergencies including shock, choking and heart attacks.

In May, one of the Homeland Security students had the unfortunate opportunity to use the training she received in class. Angelique Francis was having lunch with her father. As they were eating, her father suddenly started coughing and tried to drink to clear some food that had gotten caught in his throat.

Angelique said she saw his eyes water and his face began changing colors. Angelique recognized from her training in class that her father was choking and immediately applied the Heimlich maneuver to her dad. She was able to clear the obstruction from his throat so he could breathe easily once more. Angelique was very grateful for the training in class which allowed her to help her father.