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After 25 years with Irving ISD, Layne takes position with Dallas ISD

Dallas ISD knew they found a golden prospect with Scott Layne when they offered him the position as Chief Operations Officer after a 25-year run as Irving ISD’s Assistant Superintendent for School Support Services. Layne, who has been working in public education for 34 years, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to a growing Metroplex, with a hunger for improving the environments and schools for North Texas kids.

Layne began his career in public education at Katy ISD and four years later, Midland ISD, which he left to accept a position as Irving ISD’s Assistant Superintendent for School Support Services.

“I can’t think of anything more beneficial to an individual then being able to help kids on a daily basis,” Layne said. “That’s what we do; we try to make a difference in their daily lives. An environment definitely impacts the learning process. That’s how I got started, and I just never got out. I just love it.”

Layne has a passion for initiating renovation and construction improvements throughout the schools of Irving ISD and is always developing more projects to allow Irving students to excel in fine arts, sports and education.

“I consider myself more of a builder than a maintainer,” Layne said. “I’ve gotten to improve programs and make progress in different areas. I really felt like I would be someone who would stay four or five years in one place, and then move on to more challenges and opportunities. But I loved working. I loved the Metroplex. It’s always been my favorite place in Texas.”

Layne described how the diversity of his positions at Irving ISD allowed him to pursue a multitude of challenges.

“It allowed me to continue to grow, to continue to build programs in different areas,” said Layne. “Plus I loved it here. I don’t think I’ll ever leave the Metroplex area.”

Layne’s most important motivation throughout his career in public education has been to support the instructional and educational goals of the district.

“My job title is Support Services, and that’s exactly what we do,” Layne said. “We are here to support the educational products of this district. Whatever I can do to help principals, teachers and kids, that’s our goal.”

“Without the kids, none of us would have a job. Principals have a very tough job; they should not have to worry about how their facility should operate. If they are having to do that, then my team at Support Services is not doing our job. Their focus and concentration needs to be on the instructional programs.”

Layne will make his debut as Dallas ISD’s Chief Operations Officer the first day of school this year, Aug. 22, and will be supervising four departments along with the $1.6 billion bond program, which covers transportation, food service, maintenance and facilities. Layne’s first goal is to meet with his staff and understand their philosophies and goals for the team and for education.

“It’s one thing to spend money on facilities to make them better, but it’s very important that you have staff in place to maintain those buildings,” said Layne, who spent ten years as Maintenance Director. “I understand maintenance, I understand custodial programs, I understand grounds programs, so I’m looking forward to that, as well as building and renovating schools.”

Layne has several construction and renovation projects underway at the three Irving high schools that should be nearly finished by the beginning of school this year.

“It all ties together and it’s all important. I want to make sure my staff understands why we’re there, and that’s for the kids, to support the campuses, to support the principals, and to meet their instructional goals,” he said.

Layne will hit the ground running as the new Chief Operations Officer and is certain to bring fresh ideas and valuable experience to Dallas ISD.