Student artwork on display in community mural

Photo: Courtesy of the Crow Collection of Asian Art, Photographer Can Turkyilmaz

The ceramics students at Singley Academy took their talents on the road for a rare opportunity to make art with renowned Uriarte Talavera artist Javier Espinosa Mómox in September.

Now their artwork, along with pieces created by students throughout the Dallas area, are on display at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. The museum’s education department hosted a series of workshops led by the artist which explored the history of Talavera ceramics. Student participants created handmade Talavera-inspired tiles, and each tile was taken by the museum to form one, giant installation. The piece is currently on exhibit through Dec. 3 and will conclude with a closing night celebration where everyone will come together to remove each tile as a community.

As part of the Crow Collection’s Asia Connect program, Singley students will continue their exploration of Talavera pottery through the winter. For their next project, the museum has partnered Singley students with students from Plano Senior High School to create original dinner plates inspired by their partners and the museum’s exhibition. The teens will convene at the Crow Collection in January to exchange plates and share a meal, connecting with peers they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.