Irving ISD hosts special graduation for PACT parents

Irving ISD celebrated over 180 parents as the third group of participants to complete the district’s PACT Program. Pictured are parent participants from Brown Elementary School, one of sixteen district schools to offer the computer course.

In November 2015, Irving ISD’s Language and Parent Services partnered with Parents Alliance, an organization in Houston, to implement free computer courses designed for Spanish-speaking parents through the PACT Program. The program offers a 32-hour series on computer skills, parent education and financial literacy, all facilitated by district parent liaisons who have been trained and certified by Parents Alliance.

Parents were honored by their respective school principals, parent liaisons and district administrators with a certificate of completion in a graduation ceremony recognizing their hard work and success. Speakers for the event included Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jose L. Parra, Ed.D.; Division of Student Support Services Dr. Laina McDonald, Ed.D; and Parents Alliance Founder José Pablo Fernández.

Last year, Irving ISD blazed a trail for the PACT Program, graduating more than 190 parents in its first year and becoming what Mr. Fernández calls a “national model” for a program dedicated to equipping Hispanic parents with essential tools to support both their own education and their children’s education. On the heels of this graduation, the district looks forward to graduating another class of participants in April 2017.