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Dallas authors win Techno Thriller award

Dallas – Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey were friends and colleagues at a Dallas computer company when they first came up with the idea of writing fiction together.  Eight books later, the self-professed “techno geeks” are taking readers on a thrill ride with The Enigma Series- the 1st place winner in the 2017 Texas Author Awards in the category of Techno Thriller.

With more than 140 international characters and a Super computer named ICABOD, The Enigma Series weaves real life technology into a story line laced with suspense, exotic locales, romance and humor.

“We are very excited to be recognized with the Texas Author Award,” said Burkey. “In our industry, writing documentation can be a pretty dry exercise.  These books let us be creative and use our knowledge to tell thought-provoking stories about what could happen if technology became an adversary.”

The books revolve around two main characters:  Jacob Michaels and Petra Rancowski.  Jacob, a buff “hero geek,” and Petra, a beautiful encryption coder, find themselves fighting the bad guys both online and in the corporate world.  

To make the storyline even more “real” to readers, the authors have created a list of fictitious technical terms and organizations and movie-like trailers for each book in the series. 

“You don’t need a high-tech background to find these books entertaining,” Burkey said. “The Enigma Series is really a tongue-in-cheek look at the computers and Social Media that we use every day -and all the things that could possibly go wrong.”

The first edition in the series was The Enigma Factor followed by Enigma Rising, The Enigma Ignite, The Enigma Wrath, The Enigma Stolen, The Enigma Always, The Enigma Gamers and The Enigma Broker.   The books are available in paperback, EBooks and Audible editions at www.amazon.com and other online stores.

The authors collaborate through the use of technology.  The two discuss ideas and plot lines daily through emails, phone calls, Instant Messaging and the use of Google “Hang-outs.”

Breakfield has over 25 years technology experience in security, networking, voice and “anything with bits and bytes,” he said.  Burkey has over 25 years applied technology experience and at optimizing technology and business investments for global customers.

“Working on international deals and writing techno thrillers is easier than remodeling,” Burkey said.

The authors are thrilled by the response to the series.  Online reviews call the books, “The smartest book I have read in a long time. It will open your eyes to things going on now and make you wonder,” and “If you’re into the computer/tech world, you will especially love this story, but even a non-tech savvy person like me will enjoy.”

Breakfield and Burkey were honored for the series at the 2017 Celebration of Authors Gala on July 29 in Houston.