Hispanic business convention looks to future

The State of Hispanic Business in North Texas (SHBNT) hosted its second annual convention at the Irving Convention Center on Thursday, Sep. 7. Working collaboratively with other Hispanic organizations and industry leaders, the SHBNT informs entrepreneurs and other stakeholders on current and cutting-edge trends that will potentially transform the way they do business.

The North Texas panel not only spoke about entrepreneurship, but the economy’s future.

“As entrepreneurs and businesspeople, especially the smaller and medium businesses, we tend to focus on the immediate problems such as what do my customers need and what payroll do I have to meet on Friday,” said John Martinez, President of the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association. “I think that by being here we help people with what’s going on currently, but we also give them resources and data of information that they can use to plan for their businesses, while being aware of some of the things that are going to be hitting them in the future. As a small business sometimes that’s something you really lack. There is no one inside your company who is looking at what the terrain will look like in the future.

“When these things hit, it’s difficult for them to pivot and deal with that, but if we can give information to the entrepreneurs that are here, then there is a win.

“This conference is not just limited to Hispanics. It’s for the overall economy because we are all impacted by these problems. We want to makes sure that this [Hispanic] population is aware that these important things are happening.

“We’re hoping that while we are presenting these mainstream issues, these mainstream speakers we have brought in today will equip entrepreneurs and the people who serve them with the tools and information that will help them better prepare themselves for the decisions they make on a daily planning basis,” he said.

Every Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Hispanic Contractors Association provides research data to their members.

“I was looking forward to this convention because I am also a small business owner who is trying to grow,” said Mickie Esquivel, owner of Clean My Credit. “Coming here and listening to everything said today was a positive and very interesting opportunity for the growth of the city of Dallas.

“I saw so much potential and so much hope for the city of Dallas. I’m looking forward to going to the breakout sessions. I’m going to find out what Dallas is looking forward to and what they are doing for the future.”