Women’s group helps teachers prepare for school

Members of the Irving Women’s Network (IWN) volunteered to help Stipes Elementary teachers prepare for their first day of school.

‘Help the Teachers Day’ was coordinated by Margie Stipes and IWN members on Saturday, Aug. 19. Volunteers covered books, made copies, created packets for the students, and finished putting together final decorations for classrooms.

“We’re just trying to have everything ready for our teachers on Monday,” said Bonnie Richardson, principal at Stipes Elementary. “We do this every year the Saturday before school starts.”

“We have done this for the last several years,” Stipes said.

Stipes Elementary is named for Margie and her late husband, John.

“We usually meet at Mama’s Daughters Diner at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast, which is my treat. If you show up, you have to come down here to help the teachers get ready for school.

“I knew the teachers had a lot to do, so I spoke to IWN and suggested we should help the teachers and they agreed to help us prepare. IWN is one of the best kept secrets because many people don’t know they go out and help people do stuff.”

IWN is a partner in education with Stipes Elementary. Besides participating in ‘Help the Teachers Day,’ IWN also helps with the school carnival, the fun run, and the book fair.

“It’s really a neat opportunity every year because we get excited for the teachers,” said Jennifer Owens, IWN member and past president. “I know that with everything they do, it’s hard for them to prepare and to do classwork. It’s really just fun to cut up things and paste them.

“The benefit of the Women’s Network is the time to socialize and catching up with everyone while doing fun things for the school.  

“At the end of the year, we also have a Teacher’s Appreciation party. IWN provides all of the food, and we serve all of the teachers as a way of saying thank you. Throughout the year, Margie lets us know what activities are going on and IWN volunteers come out and help with the events.”