Ice cream social shares scoop on upcoming season

Music lovers were invited to an ice cream social to get the latest scoop on the upcoming season for Entertainment Series Irving (ESI) at the Texas Musicians Museum on Sunday, Sept. 24. Formerly known as Community Concerts, ESI kicked off its 62nd season with the second Sundaes on Sunday event, which featured live musical entertainment by local pianist Scott Loehr.

“We started this ice cream social event last year to kick off our season and to publicize our 61st season,” said president of ESI, Michael Hill. “It was such a good success that we thought we would do it again this year. It’s an opportunity for the community to come out and get to know us a little bit, find out what ESI is all about, find out what the season is going to be for the coming year, and hopefully add some more members to our roster.”

The ESI 2017-2018 season will start on Friday, Oct. 20 with Ricki Derek and his Big Band. The season will also feature performances from Allan Conner, Kraig Parker, Duo Baldo, and wrap up with a John Denver Tribute.

“Every year we build a season of four or five shows. We bring artists from around the country and international artists,” Hill said. “Our artists tend to be groups of performers that wouldn’t be similar to what we already have in Irving. We have Main Stage where they have theater productions, and we have three different symphonies in Irving, so we try to bring in artists who would be a little different than what Irving already has to offer.”

One of the most anticipated performances of the season is Kraig Parker. Parker will be returning this season for a special Elvis Birthday Celebration concert entitled, “The King Lives!”

“This season we have Kraig Parker returning as an extra concert,” said treasurer for ESI, Tom Caperton. “When he performs for us, it’s always around Elvis’ birthday, and that’s a big hit, especially with the ladies.”

In addition to enjoying free ice cream and cookies, attendees had the opportunity to peruse the Texas Musicians Museum.

“We are excited that we’re partnering with the Texas Musicians Museum,” Hill said. “This is our second year to do that, so community members and residents can come out and get to visit the museum which is pretty cool. Last year, the event was actually in the front, so it was kind of an option if they wanted to see the museum. This year, the event is actually in the museum so we’re excited about that.”

The museum is home to artifacts and memorabilia of musical artists from Texas ranging from Destiny’s Child, Selena and even Barney which was filmed in Las Colinas. Lydia Curiel attended the ice cream social with her daughter because they share a love for music. Curiel thought the event was fabulous, and the museum was the perfect location for it.

“This is my first time at this museum, but it won’t be the last time,” Curiel said. “It’s a beautiful museum. I’m familiar with a lot of the players from way back in the ‘60s when I used to go out clubbing back when I was younger. These are some of my favorite artists.”

The ice cream social closed off with two raffle drawings for season tickets to the concerts and tickets to the State Fair of Texas.