Woman sells pound cake for $1,100 at Annual Super Lunch

Warm and delicious the homemade pound cake waits, ready for the taking. Who will get to taste the creamy pound cake next? One lucky bidder won the privilege recently.

Local Irving citizen, Betty Fulbright, who is known for her delicious pound cake recently auctioned her two cakes for $1,100 each at the 25th annual The Salvation Army Super Lunch.

Perry Harrison was the lucky winner of the pound cake from the live auction. He knows Fulbright as a customer at Kwik Kar where he works. Guest speaker, Jerry Jones, the other winner, took home the cake baked for the auction.

“The cake is so good, and I know Mrs. Fulbright. She is a customer of mine,” Harrison said. “So I thought I would make a donation to the Salvation Army.”

“I appreciate [Harrison] doing this, because I know this is the main business The Salvation Army gets every year,” Fulbright said. “I was on the [Super Lunch] board for 17 years, so I know they really use all the money raised here today.

“I believe God gave me this task to do His work by helping those in need. Ed, my beloved, deceased husband and I could have never afforded to give the amounts of money my cakes have raised through charities to help those in need. It amazes me how much money they bring at the auctions. I consider it a ‘mission in my life,’ and it does my soul good to bake these cakes.”

Fulbright has been a loyal customer and friend to Harrison for many years. She even brings pound cakes to his office.

“She has been bringing them down for about 10 years,” Harrison said. “It’s so awesome.”

Harrison is not the only person Fulbright gives pound cakes to. Her famous dish is her signature gift. She has given the pound cakes to neighbors as well soldiers overseas.

“During the Iraq War, I was sending them to soldiers,” Fulbright said. “I would meet the soldiers through my husband’s involvement in Irving AMBUCS Club. Every now and again I would go have lunch with him at the AMBUCS Club meeting and meet soldiers.

“Well the AMBUCS Club during the Iraq War had connections at the car dealership. They would take cars and then go pick up soldiers from the airport if they had layovers. Then they would take them to lunch.

“I would get their address, write them, and send them a cake.”

According to Fulbright there used to be about eight soldiers she used to send cakes too.

“That was real neat,” Fulbright said. “I would buy the nice big boxes and add candy and magazines to it.”

“Wow, that’s nice,” Harrison said. “That is fantastic to hear.”

Fulbright also had family overseas she would send the famous pound cakes to.

“I also had a son in Iraq, and I would send him some cakes too,” Fulbright said. “Then I had a grandson who was there too and got some. There are a lot of stories about the cake.”

Fulbright has been making pound cake since 1987 and does not plan on stopping any time soon.

“I plan to continue baking cakes for charities as long as I am physically, mentally, and financially able to bake the cakes if that is God’s will for me,” she said.

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