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Circle of Prayer host annual Pastors’ Breakfast

Irving-based faith group, the Circle of Prayer, showed their appreciation for local community leaders during their annual Pastors’ Breakfast hosted at the Las Colinas Country Club on Wednesday morning, Feb. 28.

“Today is all about how the leaders of Irving appreciate the pastors,” Bob Whitney, treasurer of the Circle of Prayer, said. “We have pastors here, some have never been in a country club. Also, I have had pastors tell me they have never met a police chief. It is a great time for the leaders of Irving to come together and let the pastors of Irving know how much they appreciate them.”

The breakfast had several guest speakers including Police Chief Jeff Spivey, Fire Chief Victor Connelly, Mayor Rick Stopfer, City Manager Chris Hillman, pastor Dennis Webb, and city councilman Oscar Ward. Each speaker shared stories of pastors and what they mean to the community.

Plymouth Park United Methodist Church’s senior pastor Dr. Bill La Barr attended the event and appreciated being recognized.

“I think it is a great event the Circle of Prayer puts together to recognize the pastors in the community,” La Barr said. “The pastors are often more like the first responders to a community like a police or fireman. It is just nice to be recognized in a special way.

“I am in Rotary Club, and I go to the Homes breakfast, so I know what is going on in the city. For me it is an opportunity to connect with my colleagues and other people I might not know as well.”

The master of ceremonies for the event John Radigan, ‘Voice of the Rangers’, has volunteered at the event since the first event in 2014.

“I think it is a great gesture to honor the clergy who do so much for us,” Radigan said. “I like being here in Irving for this event. I like that Irving gets this prayer group together every year. It is important that members of the community express sincere gratitude for all the support we get both spiritually and emotionally from our clergy.”