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The Easter Bunny is going to be very busy on Easter Sunday at the Toyota Music Factory.

Christ Church Irving, the Irving Church, and Bear Creek Community Church will be hosting a massive Easter egg hunt on the grounds of the Toyota Music Factory. 50,000 Easter eggs will be placed on the lawn in the back of the venue, and children from all over Irving are invited to come out and find as many eggs as they can.

Megan Peacock, the children’s co-pastor at Christ Church Irving, said they are expecting over 1,500 youngsters to take part in the hunt, her own very excited children will be among them.

“I have a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old, we’ve been talking about it nonstop at home,” Peacock said. “They are beyond excited. They see our 50,000 eggs here at church. We have them displayed down by our Worship Center. From our events in the past, they are very, very excited, and this year it’s going to be even bigger, so the anticipation is very high.”

50,000 Easter eggs is a tall order for any bunny, or a person, to deliver. Luckily, Greg Beauchamp, co-pastor of Christ Church Irving, was able to find just the team to fill the order.

“There is a young gentleman and his wife in Missouri, and this is their business,” Beauchamp said. “They spend all year stuffing Easter eggs, so they can sell them at Easter time. We were able to find them, and we had the eggs shipped to us here two days later.”

With well over a thousand children running around, Peacock said the event will be fun and safe for children of all ages.

“We always divide it up into waves, that way our itty-bitties don’t get run over by the very excited older kids,” Peacock said. “We’ll have four waves this year. We’re going to do 0-2 years olds [first], and it’ll be in a smaller area, because they don’t need a giant area to run around in. Then we’ll do our preschool age, then kindergarten and first-grade, and then last will be our elementary kids.”

The Egg Hunt is just one part of the church’s massive Irving Easter Celebration. A city-wide event will take place, featuring worship music from three different area churches, as well as guest speaker and former NFL wide receiver Raghib “Rocket” Ismail. Molly Greenlee, children’s co-pastor at Christ Church Irving, said no matter where you are from, every child loves a good Easter egg hunt, and every child in Irving is invited to this one.

“This year, we’re really excited, because we have some golden eggs, and they’ve got some money inside of them,” Greenlee said. “So [the children] know there’s prizes and the competition in general, I think, is always fun. Get as many eggs as you can, try to find the money, and have a good time!”

The Irving Easter Celebration will take place Sunday, April 1st at 10:30 a.m. at the Toyota Music Factory. The Egg Hunt will begin immediately following the worship service at noon.