Ranchview High School’s AC unit malfunctions, students evacuate

Student and teachers were caught off guard Friday afternoon at Rachview high school when a fire alarm went off forcing everyone to evacuate.

“They are still trying to assess what caused it,” Carrollton- Farmers Branch Independent School District marketing coordinator, Jason Wheeler said.  “They smelled smoke from the AC unit and they evacuated the school out of precaution. ”

“The Irving Fire Department came in and they said it was all clear for students to return to class,” Wheeler said.  “All is well now. It’s been a crazy afternoon.”

Administration did not allow students back into D Hall, where the incident occurred,  for the remainder of the day.

The situation occurred in the middle of 4th period and it was lunch time for some students. When the students went back into their classes they were allowed more time for lunch.

“It throws everything into a tailspin when you are used to a certain routine, this type of situation really throws it off,” said Julie Deck, Receptionist for Ranchview High School.

Fortunately, testing for students were finished so the evacuation did not disturb the testing. The school sent out a message to parents to notify them of the situation. 

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