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Place Your Bets in Betcha Bingo [SPONSORED]

Bingo is a business often misunderstood. It is difficult to imagine a business required by law to donate its profits to charity can create enough profit to pay its employees and its bills, but Irving’s Betcha Bingo manages to donate and remain operating. The difference between profit as a regular business owner and as a bingo owner is based on how profit is defined: is profit a unit of money leftover after expenses, or is it a unit of people who end up happier because of the business?

Irving’s Betcha Bingo uses the second definition. Its profits are measured by the benefit it adds to the community. Some of its history of donations include soldiers in Afghanistan, The Humane Society of Greater Dallas County, The Main Place, Irving Amateur Radio Club, individuals such as students in need of funding for advanced schooling, supplies for students of local the IISD, water and supplies for soup trucks for the homeless, and books for prisoners. Unlike other non-profits, this establishment, does not donate to national non-profit organizations, but donates to both local non-profits and local people. This means that its benefits can be observed at work in Irving’s community and Dallas county itself. For example, Betcha Bingo has given Irving Amateur Radio Club space within its walls at no cost to the club for the last 12 years. How much is that worth? Just recently it donated over $4500 worth of brand name shoes and clothing for the youth at the Main Place, a department store with no price tag. How much is that worth once in the hands of local citizens in need?

It is important to understand Betcha Bingo is a community oriented business since it is often misunderstood by folks as a hole for gamblers to indulge. Unlike casinos the odds often favor players while at the same time guaranteeing their money feeds local causes. Moreover, players are aware of which charity they are donating to for at the beginning of each game Betcha Bingo announces which organization the proceeds are going to.

This establishment exists   to better the community as well as allow people to have a good time. In many respects, this establishment favors opportunity for others more than does for itself. The case is that neither the employees, manager of Betcha Bingo, nor the players, nor even residents can lose when profits are measured by humanitarian standards.