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Christmas toys rode in style on Sunday, Nov. 25, as a car club caravan drove through downtown Grand Prairie streets.

Rosie’s Toy Run was held at Gordo’s BBQ & Grill on Main Street. Several local car clubs worked with the Grand Prairie Police Department’s Santa Cop program to collect toys for families in need. The annual event is in remembrance of Jose Saldivar’s sister, Rosie, who died in 2013. Jose serves as president of CowboysLife Car Club.

With an escort of police officers, the car caravan created by approximately 75 cars did not need to wait for street lights.

“It’s awesome, especially knowing you are not going to get that ticket crossing a red light,” Jose Saldivar said. “It’s all about give, give, give.”

“It’s one of those deals where you want kids to get stuff that they’ve never received,” Joe Martinez, president of Players Car Club, said.

On Dec. 19, Santa Cop will distribute gifts to families.

Grand Prairie families in need can register on gpsantacop.org

Written by Valencia Sanchez