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Glory House Celebrates 20th Anniversary [SPONSORED CONTENT]

Glory House will be celebrating 20 years of business beginning January 2019 with a year-long celebration. Owner, Jo Ann Goin had the vision and the attitude for food and service at a young age.

“As the oldest child, I remember cooking at a young age all kinds of meals for my siblings. I remember reading books on how to set tables and how to entertain, and I would always set the tables exactly the way they should be,” Goin said.

Ever since then, she has loved the service industry and to entertain.

“I have a spirit of excellence, and I always want things to be done at a higher level,” she said. “I want everything to be fabulous.”

Goin worked many years in the restaurant industry, but decided to branch out on her own.

“I thought, if I’m going to work this hard, I’m going to work for myself,” she said. Prior to Glory House, she managed an 1,100-seat dining room in Grand Prairie; so her background in food costs, inventory and overhead has benefited the success of Glory House. “Seventy-five percent of restaurants fail within their first year, and the others fail with the first five,” she said.

Glory House was born in 1999 as a catering company to provide services to corporations for events, to help people throw in their homes, and even to deliver lunches. After building up a strong network and earning repeat customers, the company began marketing for more private events and wedding catering.

“We had an image of people having parties in their home, and we would cater it. We had a tagline: turning your vision into a glorious party,” Goin said.

Goin purchased the Irving property in 2001 and was able to expand in 2007 for larger parties and daily receptions and then again in 2010 to invite the city of Irving a sit-down bistro daily.

“We were in the building on Sept. 11, 2001 and survived that. Then in 2008 when the economy stopped, and we survived that. It’s really hard to own your own business; it’s like survival of the fittest. Millions of businesses went out of business in 2008 and our revenue halved between 2008 and 2009. We were just able to regroup and survive it. I don’t know how it happened, but it did, and we got through it,” she said.

Goin and her family look back throughout the years and are amazed and grateful that Glory House has been such a success and truly a family business. Her husband and daughter both have been a huge part of the business.

“Kiana [daughter] grew up in the business, she was pretty much raised in this building,” she said. “She still works various jobs for us today. It’s a family affair.

“We feel like we’ve been pioneers on Main Street to really be part of the revitalization of south Irving. We do truly appreciate the city of Irving, they’ve been so good to us over the years.”

Glory House is excited about their upcoming celebration of 20 years and is inviting those who are interested in celebrating with them to a kickoff party on Jan. 22 from 5-8 p.m. at Glory House for cocktails and appetizers. Please RSVP to Jo Ann Goin.

But the party won’t stop there, every month in 2019 there will be a different event each month.

“We are going to do something each month to commemorate the last 20 years,” Goin said. “Irving has been really good to us. It’s been a really great place to grow a business, and we’re looking forward to the future of Irving.”

Watch their website for the events and specials: https://www.gloryhousecatering.com/.