Massive Water Main Break in Irving [PHOTOS]

UPDATE: Monday, January 6th, 2:11 PM

Water crews have now completed the repair and restored normal operations. The water department believes recent soaking rains created ground movement that caused an outlet and valve to separate from the pipe, resulting in the high-pressure water release.

A massive water main break in Irving caused water to shoot high into the air on Sunday, January 6th.

At around 2:30 PM, a water main erupted at the intersection of Belt Line and Walnut Hill. According to witnesses, at its highest point the water level was well above the power lines. The pressure also caused a large pipe to shoot out of the ground as well.

Officials are trying to minimize the water shut off’s to the west side of Belt Line. They have not yet identified the cause of the break, and will not know when the water will be turned back on until they are able to inspect the damage and put together a game plan.

Rambler Newspapers will keep updating this story as more information becomes available. You can view photos of the break below:

Photos by John Starkey