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Retired Teachers Provide Scholarships to Future Teachers

As spring breezes blow, seniors are beginning the transiting process from high school to college. Every year, the Irving Retired School Personnel Association (IRSPA) provides four Irving ISD seniors who plan to pursue education as a career $500 scholarships.

“[The decision process] is difficult,” Gwendolyn Craig, IRSPA president, said. “They are all well versed. They are ready for college.”

The four scholarship recipients were Arlene Aguilar of MacArthur High School, Tatum Griffin of Nimitz High School, Brandy Escobar and Dixie Morris of Irving High School.

“I was excited,” Aguilar said. “I was with my friends, and I yelled in the middle of the cafeteria. It was my first scholarship.”

“My favorite part is communicating with the students after the decision,” Renée Davis, scholarship chair, said.

Morris plans to teach art after attending the University of Texas at Arlington.

“I would want to [the students] to be able to show their creative side through different mediums,” Morris said.

Escobar plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin before becoming an elementary teacher.

“Motivation starts when [students] are young,” Escobar said. “If you motivate your students to do the best they can at a young age, they have that with them throughout their whole high school experience, college experience, and that’s what makes them successful.”

Griffin plans to teach special needs students in middle school after attending Texas Tech.

“My teacher always told me that music can touch all lives in a special way,” Griffin said. “One day I want to incorporate music with my teaching.”

Aguilar would like to pursue teaching at the elementary level after being influenced from previous experience.

“I’m most interested in teaching 2nd grade, because I’ve had the opportunity to work with 1st graders and 5th graders, and I think 2nd grade would be a good balance of both,” Aguilar said.