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Glory House Bistro Announces Grand Re-opening

Irving — Glory House Bistro is coming back this August.

On Wednesday morning, April 24, Glory House employees arrived at work to a shocking sight: the roof of the bistro had collapsed as the result of a heavy thunderstorm the previous night and water had flooded both the kitchen and dining area.

Joann Goin, owner of Glory House, said that day was one of the toughest and most heartbreaking days she had ever seen.

“When it first happened, our initial thought was we’re finished, our businesses is completely finished,” Goin said. “But in retrospect, it was actually a brand new beginning. What we thought was the end is actually a brand new beginning.”

The re-building process began almost immediately.

“After the roof collapse in April, we have been in the process of rebuilding, and we basically have a brand new building in the front,” Goin said. “All of the dining areas are brand new, all of the electricity, the sound system, the speakers, the floors, the walls, everything is redesigned. It’s quite amazing. It looks entirely different, and it’s so interesting. It’s the same square footage, but with the height of the ceiling changing, it looks so much larger.

“Interestingly, we found some antique brick behind the walls on the south side,” Goin said. “We’ve exposed that brick. We’ve also decided to go with a really rustic look, and we’ve exposed all the beams. All of the walls are new. Everything on the north side is new, except for the facade wall, so the building looks the same from the outside, but inside it’s like a butterfly being born. It’s completely different. It’s unrecognizable from what it was before, even though it was really nice before.”

Although the Bistro was closed for approximately three months, Goin said the catering side of the business was, thankfully, mostly unaffected.

“[For our catering business], nothing has changed,” Goin said. “The four days that we lost, all of our customers were super gracious. We actually had to move our catering to The Salvation Army a couple of times. They offered to let us use their kitchen, so they were a huge blessing to us. We did have to move out a couple of times during that process, and that was cumbersome, but we were able to continue to work. A lot of our customers don’t even know anything happened from the catering standpoint.

“Everybody knows what happened from a restaurant standpoint. [Everyone asks] when are you going to open? When are y’all gonna have the grand opening? It’s so exciting. Even our contractor, he goes to other restaurants, and everybody knows that he’s our contractor. He said, 30 people a day ask him when Glory House is going to open, so everybody’s excited about the change.

“This time of being closed has really given us an opportunity to evaluate every aspect of our business, our food costs, our labor costs and pricing,” Goin said. “We really have had a lot of in depth time to reevaluate all aspects of the business. I feel like not just the building is new, but it’s almost like everything’s new.

“It’s going to be so beautiful when people come in. The decor has changed. Everything else has changed. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the awesome food and the awesome service.”

Glory House will celebrate their grand re-opening on Monday, August 12th.