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High School Seniors March Toward College Admission

Irving — The sound of the band and spirit teams filled the cool Friday, Dec. 6, morning as seniors across North Texas celebrated a milestone in their academic journey: mailing college applications.

Uplift North Hills Preparatory, as well as the other Uplift Education schools, participated in the College March. The march is meant to symbolize that every student has the potential to thrive at any higher learning institution, regardless of the student’s background or circumstance. The tradition, which started in in 2011 in New York City, establishes a college-going culture which reminds students both participating and watching they are capable of earning a degree from college or university.

For North Hills senior Vaani Vedula, the March was symbolic of her time in school.

“I’m really excited,” Vedula said. “I’ve been watching this event for the past couple of years, and it feels so unreal that I am a part of it now.”

Vedula, as well as the other seniors, submitted their final college applications surrounded by cheering school staff and students. The seniors marched to the school’s mailbox with a kindergartener to symbolize the full circle of education.

“That’s a big part of our school,” Vedula said. “We always try to connect with each other. I’ve been here since I was in kindergarten, and I’ve been looking up to people since. I remember how I felt when I used to look up to seniors when I was in kindergarten. When I look at the [kindergarteners] I know what they see in me.

“It felt weird that I am the one [turning in college applications] instead of watching. I applied to nine schools and have heard back from Texas A&M and UTA so far. I want to be an architect.

“I’m excited, and I’m really grateful that our counselors and teachers put this event together really well. Seeing the 2020 banner is so weird, knowing that it’s my year [to graduate].”