City Commemorates Late City Manager

Irving — Jack D. Huffman served as Irving’s City Manager for 20 years. From 1973 1993, Huffman executed numerous projects that directly impact the city today.

“Valley Ranch was nothing but fields,” Bruce Burns, a colleague and friend of Huffman, said. “[Huffman and I were] were developing the property out in Valley Ranch. I worked with Jack in a big way in doing development and everything north of North Gate.

“He was excited about Irving growing. He was down to earth, and he was very easy to work with. He was always for what was best for the city.”

One of the projects Huffman was most proud of was the former Central Library on Irving Boulevard. To commemorate Huffman’s legacy, the city renamed the building the Jack D. Huffman Community Building in late January.

“I think [Huffman] was a good choice [to rename the building after],” Mary Higbie, Irving resident for nearly 50 years, said. “He was certainly a wonderful city manager with a lot of skills, and it was at a time that Irving’s population was exploding.”

Huffman passed away in 2016, but his influence remains in the building now named after him.

“We’re excited about the renaming of the building,” Tom Foley, founder and director of The Study USA, said. “I really enjoyed attending the ceremony, learning this was City Manager Huffman’s ‘crown jewel.’”

This facility is currently home to The Study USA, Irving Archives and Museum, and the Irving Public Library’s administrative offices.

“[The Study is] able to be a small part of continuing that legacy, that spirit of learning, and we see it not only in our second floor, but we see it in our city itself,” Foley said. “It’s named The Study to build on the legacy of what existed before, where it’s a place of learning.”

Huffman was involved when the Central Library was constructed.

“[The Central Library] was a dream come true for him,” Burns said. “He wanted it for the people of Irving. He wanted it so the citizens would have a place to go and enjoy their tax dollars that were being spent on the city facilities.

“The best way to describe Jack is he was a friend to everybody in Irving. He was all about giving back to the citizens of Irving. It was meaningful to him. It wasn’t just a job. It was in his heart. It was a desire he had.”

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