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Living in Strange Times [OPINION]

Rambler Newspapers would like to introduce a new column dedicated to living in a COVID-19 world. We will continue this column to entertain and inform readers as long as the crisis dictates its usefulness.

The other day I saw a man riding a bicycle wearing surgical gloves. I assumed he was riding his own bicycle and holding his own handle bars, so I couldn’t figure out why he might need surgical gloves in order to ride a bike. It seemed like a waste of materials.

Then I hit on a likely answer. The man was a thief. He had stolen the bike from a person he feared had COVID-19, and the gloves were a precaution against spreading the disease.

I feel privileged to know that even the thieves in Irving are taking the coronavirus precautions seriously. I wonder if he stole any cleaning supplies to disinfect the bike with?

Speaking of supplies, an article by ‘Bloomberg’ states hospitals are threatening to fire, and some have already fired, medical personnel who are speaking out about the lack of supplies. That is shocking to me. Hospitals facing a doctor and nursing shortage, while in the midst of a crisis, are firing people for exercising their First Amendment Rights.

Doctors and nurses should speak out about anything they feel is amiss, especially now. If they don’t speak out for us, no one will. Any hospital administration with such a self-damaging policy should reconsider its decisions as soon as possible, before they find themselves seriously lacking staff.

Amazon is facing similar issues with employees speaking out. On Monday, about 50 people walked out of the Staten Island warehouse protesting the company’s handling of the coronavirus. To me, that’s a pretty scary thought. We’re relying on these guys now more than ever, and I’ve heard plenty of dodgy stories about Amazon’s working conditions BEFORE the COVID outbreak. Imagine what would happen if they all decided to walk out?

Ironically or conveniently, the guy who staged the protest was later fired by Amazon for not following social distancing procedures.

On a side note, I really miss going anywhere. But when I do go out, even to a gas station store, I enjoy the experience a great deal. I find myself thinking, ‘Wow, I just walked within two feet of that guy. That’s real superhero stuff. Take that Batman. I need a cape!’