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Living in Strange Times

In general, I try not to be overly sensitive to the actions and reactions of others. You never know if someone has just gotten some bad news, might be ill or is just having a bad day. But recently I’ve noticed as I walk around my neighborhood, I get my feelings hurt a bit if someone doesn’t wave at me or say ‘hi.’

Normally, I wouldn’t expect people to make any real effort to acknowledge me as I walk. These feelings are new. I think they derive from the fact that I see so few people now as compared to normal. Each time someone waves at me, it makes me feel a little bit happier.

Some people are very neighborly. You might have seen on the Internet that Olive Veronesi, a 93 year-old Pennsylvania native sheltering in place, held up a sign that read, ‘I need more beer.’ The poor thing was down to her last 12 cans. In response, the Coors Brewing Company provided her with 10 cases of beer. Hopefully, that will be enough to see her through the lockdown.

Out of an abundance of time as the lockdown stretches on, it seems a number of people have decided to start baking only to discover there is no yeast available in the grocery stores. I bake bread, and just so you know, yeast was not easy to find before the lockdown. These are couple of good online sources for flour and yeast, though with the recent demand they have also run out of stock from time to time: www.janiesmill.com and www.bobsredmill.com.

If you just can’t find yeast anywhere, don’t worry. You could make beer bread, soda bread, salt bread, banana nut bread, naan, or tortillas, none of which require yeast. Alternatively, you could go on You Tube and learn how to grow your own starter (yeast) in a jar. Typically, the process is easy and takes a couple of days.

Eggs can also be a hassle to find these days. About a week ago, Ariel was panicking because she wanted to bake a birthday cake for her husband and couldn’t find any eggs. Luckily, we happen to know a neighbor who owns a few chickens, and thanks to them Ariel got her eggs and her husband got his cake. I have honestly never seen anyone so happy to get a carton of eggs.

By the way, her husband ate the entire cake by himself. Happy Birthday!

Speaking of eggs, I hope everyone was visited by an abnormally large bunny delivering eggs last Sunday. I know this Easter was like no other for practicing Christians, but Christianity has survived far worse than this. Please remember God does not fit in a box, and it is never appropriate to tempt the Lord.