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Coppell Hosts Trick or Treating in Town Square

Coppell – The city of Coppell hosted Scare on the Square so families could enjoy an outdoor trick or treating experience on Saturday, Oct. 24.

“This is just one of those opportunities for everybody to get together,” Optimus financial advisor and principal John Gesek said. “We couldn’t have asked for a better day. I think the city is trying very hard to make [Old Town] Coppell a place of gathering and a place where people can come enjoy. We’ve got the Farmers Market today, and it’s just a great way for people to engage in the community.” ‘

“We live in Coppell and love coming here on the weekend for the Farmers Market, so the trick or treating was a plus,” Coppell resident Mausheen Doyle said.

“We love trick or treating and Halloween, and we try to go to as many events as we can,” Coppell resident Hector Martinez said.

Parents and kids of all ages dressed in costumes some appearing as dinosaurs, peanut butter & jelly, baby shark and superheroes from all over the DC and Marvel Universes.

“The kids are always great,” Gesek said. “We’ve had sharks walking by, we’ve seen all different types of characters walking by and the parents getting into it, kind of gets the kids into it so it just fun to be out.”

Local businesses from the Coppell Downtown District participated, passing out candy to children.

“We just want to shine the light and please the people of this community,” Let It Shine owner Gary Kramer said.

“We’re just excited to serve people in the community, to get a chance to see the Arts Center and see that were open now,” patron service manager for the Coppell Performing Arts Center, Bethany Atwell, said. “We were wanting to provide a safe space for kids to get out in the community.”

The event brought people from all over together.

“It’s a great community activity. It’s a real great indication of what is going on in Coppell,” Kramer said. “I think it’s great for the community, I think its great for the kids, and I think it’s a great opportunity for the businesses and developments to participate in and bless those people that come.”

“We’ve been in the community for almost 30 years, so it’s the point that we love seeing people. [There are] a lot of new faces in Coppell. It gives you a chance to be in the community and let the kids have fun on a Saturday,” Gesek said.

“I think it’s a great chance for kids that maybe haven’t been able to socialize for a long time, to be able to see people their age have a good time,” Atwell said.

“Her father doesn’t want her to go formal trick or treating, so this is still a good way for her to have fun with her costume and see other kids and be safe as well,” Rikki Balle said.

“I think it’s really neat to still be able to join and get the feel of the trick or treating season and be safe at the same time,” Coppell resident Suzanne Cara said.

“We want to support our local businesses too, and that’s part of the reason we are here. It’s been a fantastic experience, wonderful to get out a little in a safe way, support the community and see some of our neighbors,” Coppell resident Amit Kara said.