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Students Compete in Regional Science Bowl

Coppell—Four students from Coppell Middle School East competed in the Regional Science Bowl Competition hosted by Texas A&M University. The Coppell team placed seventh in the region, out of 23 teams.

“The National Science Bowl is a middle school and high school science competition,” team coach Jyothi Goudar said. “It is a fast paced science quiz that gives questions in biology, chemistry, physical science, math, and problem solving. Students are given seven seconds to answer questions. Students both need to know the material and have the presence of mind to answer quickly.

“We gave a presentation, and the school was willing to sponsor the team. This gives students more information about science, and this hopefully will spark more interest in the different aspects of science.”

“I thought it was a really great way for us to learn about science and learn about different fields,” team member Sai Priya Kasiraman said. “We got more of an understanding than we previously obtained in school. It helped us improve our comprehension of these subjects.”

“I joined the team, because I like science competitions,” team captain Yash Goudar said. “When I had done science competitions before, I did it individually. This time we were able to work as a team. I enjoyed this experience.”

“You have to actively work with the team,” team member Sairthak Engala said. “Doing science is great, but being able to participate in a competition would test our skills when we needed them. You have to quickly solve problems with your team and that was an interesting part of the competition.”

The team met twice a week to go over the questions

“When one of us knew a question, we would continue,” Priya Kasiraman said. “If none of us knew the answer we would all dive in and learn about it together. That helped us learn more and gain more skills together.”

“It was fun to practice and learn together,” Yash said. “We liked to talk with each other and learn together about these subjects.”

“We would also practice as if we were in the competition,” Engala said. “We needed to practice how the actual competition was, so we would not be overwhelmed by the process of the competition.”
Of the four students in the team, Krish Goudar is the only one in seventh grade and plans to be on the team next year.

“The practice sessions are fun, and we get to dive deeper into science than what we learn about in school,” Krish said. “I will be encouraging students next year to join me on the team. It is a fun time, especially when we are able to meet and compete in person.”

There is not currently a science bowl team in the high school the older students will attend next year, but Coach Goudar and the students plan on starting one. When the team was formed, there were more than 60 students interested in joining.

“We hope the school district is impressed by our team and will approve a club for the high school,” Coach Goudar said. “Our hope is other students and even other schools in Coppell participate in the competition next year. The children have the talent and passion, they just need the structure to participate in these events.”

The students on the team would like to pursue careers in science.

“I have always wanted to be in STEM, ever since I was six,” Priya Kasiraman said. “I focused on astronomy, because I love space, and I want to be a computer programmer for NASA. I have been programming for a long time, so I want to combine computer science and astronomy that is my dream.”